Reconsume founder Brittany O’Neal discovered her love of vintage fashion at seven years old, following in the footsteps of her mother. She learned that second hand was an affordable alternative to mainstream retail.   


These early years instilled appreciation for the beauty and diversity of fashion throughout the ages. Unlike retail shops, thrift stores didn’t limit what styles she was exposed to because everything new and old was given equal exposure. Not influenced by the trends of the current era, she had the freedom to experiment, giving her an understanding of the many shades of vintage.  


To build on her self taught vintage knowledge, Brittany studied conceptual art and fashion design in Amsterdam. While in school, it became clear, that the fashion industry was failing to recognize the ethical and environmental consequences of the so-called “fast fashion” industry. Plagued with child labor issues, low work wages and planned obsolescence the industry has only recently heard outcries from the western world. Millions of dollars a year are spent marketing unrealistic images of beauty. To fulfill the desire of consumers to conform to this image, they manufacture poorly made reproductions of hot off the runway styles at low prices aimed at giving everyone a “Great Deal”.


Brittany’s love of vintage fashion and desire to find an ethical way for people to invest in their personal self expression inspired her to launch Reconsume. Ethical alternatives to nurturing your personal style. However and whoever you identify with, Reconsume is here to honor your story, your style and the greater needs of our planet.


Spend Ethically. Live Authentically,